Lead Generator

Filter and search leads based on case type, date, claim amount, or plaintiff and create custom mailer templates to send to potential leads.

Product Features

The Lead Generator tool is comprised of two parts:

1. Lead search can be tailored to exactly the leads you want to search. You can filter down by date, claim amount, plaintiff, and specific charge codes.

2. Mailer templates give you the ultimate control by allowing you to create customized letters for potential leads, with the option to use pre-printed letters instead.

Give us a try today and your first 250 leads are on us.

Purchase New & Historical Leads

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Subscriptions & Pay as You Go Options

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How Pricing Works

We offer two pricing structures to accommodate small to large size firms.

1. Pay as You Go

Pay as You Go leads are a fixed cost ($0.75/Lead Credit) and never expire. Subscription users can also purchase pay as you go lead credits to supplement their subscriptions to top off their account towards the end of the month, without the need to upgrade to the next subscription tier.
For the most flexibility, we offer an option to purchase lead credits individually if your needs are less than the Solo subscription tier.

2. Subscription Pricing

For the best value we recommend choosing a subscription model that best fits with your firms marketing needs. Each tier includes a fixed monthly payment amount in which a monthly maximum is set for the amount of leads you download.

TierLeads per monthPrice
Small Firm3,000$1,800
Mid-Size Firm5,000 $2,500
Large Firm7,500 $3,375

Coverage Area

Current Coverage:

  • Pennsylvania (excluding Philadelphia County)

Coming Soon:

  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Philadelphia County

Want us to work on coverage for your location? Let us know!